Gong is a kind of meditational vehicle; a power source emanating love sound vibration.

A basic understanding begins with the fact that all vibrations are contained within the gong (even sound is a vibration). If we look at quantum physics it shows us that the human body and  entire universe is made up of tiny pieces of matter vibrating at certain frequencies that are  yoked together by a magnetic forces.

When the gong is being played you expose the internal organs and brain to different musical frequencies. This will encourage them to heal from within to help the body remember its own healthy harmonic resonance

“The gong has the potential to confuse negative energies in and around you. Negative energies are like straw they burn quick”

There is a growing body of scientific studies on the benefits of vibration an how healing on certain conditions it can be.  Read more Click Here

Do you or someone you know have the following issues : Anxiety, cancer, headaches, IBS, migraines, chronic pain, chronic stress, broken bones, currently Pregnant, confused, having difficult time in life, or any other condition. It in our speculation that Gong healing can compliment a healing process from a preventive and curable way.

We hold space for you as messengers of the gong by providing Gong healing services.

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55 min. of Gonging $75

90 min. of Gonging $90

How may the gong serve you?

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